Thoughts on Owls: The Bestselling Bird!

From Left: Splatter Owl Original watercolor by Carissa, Black & Yellow Owl Acrylic & Ink by Carissa

A long time ago I mainly painted abstract shapes. After beginning to sell my work, I realized it was easier for a wider variety of people to connect with my art when I painted more recognizable things, like animals, but in my own unique style. The math was simple--once I started painting more animals I started selling more art.

Then the owl trend began. People went crazy for owls! I have to admit, they are cute :) So I wanted to figure out a way to do an owl in my own style. This way owl lovers can connect with my art, and maybe see their favorite little creature depicted in a new way. This was also a fun challenge for me, to take something I wouldn't normally have ever painted like an owl, and try and do it my own way. What could I bring to this to make my version unique?

I think that’s where your originality as an artist can really show. When you can take a familiar image like the owl and clearly define your style as an artist by the way that you paint it. Like when a singer covers a great song, do they just regurgitate the same old song, or worse, do it the same but just not quite as well? Or do they completely remake it into their own version so that you appreciate the song in a whole new way? I always hope to make things my own way and further develop my own unique style and voice as an artist.