Inspiration: Where does it come from?

Showing my work in public and getting feedback always builds my confidence as an artist and inspires me to create even more. A question people frequently ask me is, "Where/what do you get your inspiration from?". This proves to be a very difficult question for me to answer. I usually look blankly back at the person for a couple seconds then go "uhhhh....", dumbfounded. People don't seem very excited about that answer. I don't blame them!

Creative Thinking Girl. Original Drawing by Carissa

After contemplating this, I've realized that when I am going to paint or draw I always turn my focus inside to the world in my head. Images usually flicker by, ones I've seen in the past and absorbed, or old paintings or sketches of mine. Some images are stocked away, like a beautiful flower I once saw up close on a hike, or an interesting billboard seen while driving... Diagrams I've seen in textbooks... Other artist's paintings I've liked and seen in the past. 

A lot of these images are probably corrupted and have morphed from the time they've spent in my memory. But the point is, I turn to my inner self for ideas, inspiration, energy to create and guidance as I go along painting. So when I make art, I really am just expressing my own inner self, as cliche as it may sound.

I hope that begins to answer the inspiration question for you. It just hits the tip of the ice berg for me, and I'm sure I will make more discoveries along the way. Thanks for reading :)

Thinking Head. Original Drawing by Carissa