Golden Nuggets and Energy Creatures

"So, where do you get your inspiration and ideas?"

This question just won’t go away. It just keeps coming and coming from people who meet me & my art. I never have an answer for them, so I will try again, here.

There is no question that my ideas come from inside me or through me. I might be channeling ideas from some other realm/spirit/energy source/universal mind or my own subconsciousness, I do not know. However, the best I can do is shed some light on the process I use to uncover these ideas. That is how I feel I do it, I uncover them. Sift them out... Find them... Discover them.

You’d think for a visual artist I’d spend my time doodling to come up with ideas. Well I don’t. I can doodle and create visually in my mind. It’s a lot faster that way and easier to change things. For me, the real meaty process of coming up with ideas is writing.

When I do stream of consciousness writing (writing whatever comes to mind immediately without stopping) it's like I stab a spicket into my temple and turn the faucet on and let the juices flow out of my head all over the page.

Words, phrases.. things that make sense and others that don’t. Mundane rambles and philosophical rants. Narcissistic self obsession. I let it all go baby, judgement free. It’s only me, my inky gel roller pen and this piece of blank paper--no lines, no rules, no structure.

I must have this pen--no other pen will let me flow as freely as this one.


So I turn on the faucet and let it all rush out of my brain. Some days it’s a slow trickle, others it’s a full-fledged flood gate opening as the words just pour out. I barely think about what I’m writing and wonder what sort of energy creature has infiltrated my body as I watch ideas that I hadn’t consciously even thought of before flow effortlessly from my fingertips.

Sometimes it flows so fast I can barely keep up. I’ll have multiple ideas trying to come out at once but my hand can only record one at a time.

After it’s done I am left with pages like the one in this picture. Chaotic, hand scrawled words peppered with nuggets of golden ideas. I see it as my job to regularly turn this faucet on and get it all out, then go back and edit later.


So I go through it (as you can see I did with a blue highlighter) and pick out the golden nuggets--the next big idea for a painting, blog post, business thing, life goal, and occasional revolutionary, mind-blowing spiritual epiphany.

Sometimes I get lazy and put off the going through it part. Then I end up with these pages piled up in boxes, all ripe with hidden golden nuggets. On a particularly idea-less day I may grab a highlighter and go treasure hunting through these old pages.

So like I said before, I have no idea where exactly my ideas/inspiration come from. It all seems to me like some sort of subconscious digging or energy channeling.

All I know is that as a creative, it’s my job to keep letting it out. Through this process I never fail to uncover something interesting hiding under a rock that I didn’t even know existed...

So if you want to have more creative ideas, try this process out. You may be surprised at what comes out!