Hi! I'm Carissa.

I was always a quiet, creative kid. Constantly observing others and escaping into my inner world of wonder and possibility. 

I was called too idealistic, too sensitive, too impractical.

I was told I needed to be more realistic and learn how to get by in today's world. After graduating from the University of California Davis in 2008, I realized what I needed to do was just the opposite.

I dove head first into following my passion for creating without knowing where it would end up or if it was realistic. I learned to draw upon my inner world to bring things into existence that could catalyze inspiration, joy and expression in others.

It all started with a doodle about 8 years ago - read the full story here.

Since then my artwork has become a physical representation of the urge to be bold and take a chance. To put bright colors together. To experiment. To let the drips fall where they may. And to not ask permission. To communicate a feeling of wonder, excitement, and endless possibility.

Creating art is about having fun and being true to myself - I hope to inspire you to do the same.





I made "Cultivate Your Creativity", a coloring book of 5 of my hand drawn designs with some simple tips for you to start practicing creative flow. Get it sent straight to your e-mail inbox when you sign up below for my e-mail list, along with occasional doses of inspiration and art.

"This young woman is a lovely human being and was a wonderful person to meet. Her artwork is vibrant, colorful and full of expression. I purchased quite a bit of art. Support her, she's great!"

-Nadine Flowers, collector

"Upon opening the package, tears instantly came to my eyes. The art was as beautiful (prints and original) as when I first laid eyes upon Carissa's work in Venice Beach on vacation... I can't wait to display all of her beautiful works of art… Artists need encouragement and support, I would do anything to reassure her that her art is worth continuing to make."

-Karen LebBlanc, collector

Fun facts about me:

I love all things science fiction - Aliens, Futuristic, Robots, Apocalyptic

Fav time waster - Star Trek TV Series: Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space 9

Things I like to think about - How nothing exists without contrast. That life is a beautiful mess and to fully embrace all parts of experience. The Universe. (duh :P)

Fav music to listen to while painting - Electro, Dubstep, Classical, Techno (think alien/futuristic/robotic sounds!)

Coffee addict

Kickboxer and lover of extreme fitness workouts

Self-diagnosed loner/extreme introvert - more time for painting! ;P

Star Trek Uniform for Halloween  :)

Star Trek Uniform for Halloween :)