Hi! I'm Carissa.

I want to inspire the creator within you - the part of you that hides because it's been called dirty words like idealistic and impractical. The part of you that's been repressed because you were always told you had to be more "realistic" to get by in today's world.

I'm here to remind you that your inner magical world of wonder and possibility is a precious, amazing resource.

You can draw on it to bring physical things (like art) into existence that catalyze inspiration, love, joy and expression in others. People NEED these feelings - now more than ever.

My artwork has become a physical representation of the urge to become who I am and not ask permission.

To be bold, to take a chance. To let the drips fall where they may. To put bright colors together. To experiment. To communicate a feeling of wonder, possibility, magic, excitement, and energy.

It's about having fun and being true to myself. I paint whatever my heart desires - silly or serious - and let go of fear and judgement. In this way I nurture my creativity, and hope to inspire you to do the same.

Bringing my ideas to life through art feels natural to me now, but it wasn't always this way.

Years of self doubt, trying to fit in with others, and destructive habits made it difficult for me to hear my calling. Watch this video to learn about how I ignited my passion for art by giving up a destructive habit.

I've structured my life around developing my creativity, and I want to inspire you to nurture yours.

I made "Cultivate Your Creativity", a coloring book of 5 of my hand drawn designs with some simple steps for you to start practicing "creative flow", the meditative state I enter while producing my artwork.

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You can also check out this video to learn some ways I nurture my own creativity.

"This young woman is a lovely human being and was a wonderful person to meet. Her artwork is vibrant, colorful and full of expression. I purchased quite a bit of art. Support her, she's great!"

-Nadine Flowers, collector

"Upon opening the package, tears instantly came to my eyes. The art was as beautiful (prints and original) as when I first laid eyes upon Carissa's work in Venice Beach on vacation... I can't wait to display all of her beautiful works of art… Artists need encouragement and support, I would do anything to reassure her that her art is worth continuing to make."

-Karen LebBlanc, collector

Some random fun facts about me:

I love all things science fiction - Aliens, Futuristic, Robots, Apocalyptic

Fav time waster - Star Trek TV Series: Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space 9

Things I like to think about - good/bad, creation/destruction, life/death, male/female. How nothing exists without contrast. That life is a beautiful mess and to fully embrace all parts of experience. Channeling. The Universe. (duh :P)

Fav music to listen to while painting - Electro, Dubstep, Classical, Drum & Bass, Dub (think alien/futuristic/robotic sounds)

Coffee addict

Kickboxer and lover of extreme fitness workouts

Self-diagnosed loner/extreme introvert - more time for painting! ;P

Star Trek Uniform for Halloween :)

Star Trek Uniform for Halloween :)